Vis & Komiža


Vis appears quite different from many other places the travelers use to expect for their vacation, or it might actually be -the one- typical dalmatian town, other no longer are since they tasted their touristic boom.

Whatever it is, it is for sure a silent place, offering most of the needs for relaxing holidays.

The nearby beaches and the abandoned but idyllic villages on the surrounding hills, make it a worthy place for a reminder –
what the spirit of discovering new places is all about.

To put it straight – these places were merely fishing towns, and yet among the top of this region and in whole Croatia. Komiža in particular is a forerunner of a skilled fishing tradition.

Luckily, the numerous emigrations still left locals behind, who continue those old traditions.

Vis and Komiža together make a magic triangle when including the Island of Biševo. There somewhere are few caves, which actually became a famous touristic attraction known even abroad.
Island of Vis is a well balanced mixture of relaxation and adventure.

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