City of Split was and it is, not only a transit spot on the way from north to the south of Dalmatian coastline – it actually is the very center of it – it is a trade center of past Millennia and a cultural center of the neighboring towns and islands.

From here the goods are spread out to those places and it pulses life-bringing supplies – It is in many ways a melting point of the whole south Croatian region.

The city itself has a checkered history, beaten not only by all kinds of winds, but also by different invaders.
However, the -past- can rest, as we are not pulling this topic about which of the occupier was benevolent and which not. It is a fact they all definitely left their foot prints here.

The most visible of those, is the architecture left by Romans – namely the imposing Diocletian palace of a great historical value.

The origin of Split locals has various background; mostly inhabited by the neighboring places connected to Split jurisdiction, such as the islands of Brać, Šolta, Vis, and Hvar…

The native Slavic language was suppressed through the centuries, which eventually developed in various dialects – indeed, each a “world on its own”.

For tourist who visit this city it may be confusing to get to know all the contradictory facts, but after a glass of a dalmatian vine it all gets clear.
Plenty of restaurants offer such an unique drop, but the local food is rather claimed by every one – by Roman, Venetian… even by the Turkish, who claim their cuisine is the nearest one… Well, at first taste it, and than judge it by yourself.

This kind of discussion may continue endlessly, but soon you will forget it, when you visit beautiful places which this city can offer; latest than when you jump into the refreshing water at the nearest beach. There you will find plenty of relaxation and spa contents.

There are various accommodations and restaurants in city of Split, yet Croatiahospitality site has placed only few of them at random, with one of main criteria, to be centrally located.
Feel free to suggest us more of it.

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