Korčula, – an Adriatic pride, for those who know its history; – an Adriatic pearl, for those who experienced its unique beauty – It is a: “to be or not to be” for every vacationer…

Korculas particularity is the protruding old town exposed to the open see. Yet, it is at same time closed settlement with the thick city walls dating back to medieval times. It was always keeping an eye open on the Pelješac channel – “who knows what there might come”.

Yet, its centennial buildings showcase its rich cultural and monumental heritage. It also has a great tradition in ship building – perhaps therein lies the idea to build a town in form of a fish bones. Maybe it is made so to defy winds and heavy sea… who will ever know it?

Croatiahospitality page is respectfully dedicating this article to Korcula town. By picking up only some particular Restaurants and Accommodation, it is not meant to ignore the others – it simply are -choices- among many.

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