The island of Hvar and especially its same-named town is more then merely a transit place on the way from Split to Dubrovnik. It was known in the past as a “safe port” and as a point of trade for Greek, Roman, Venetian and other sailors throughout the centuries, and it stays a “must” spot to visit.

The other beautiful towns of this island, like: Jelsa, Vrboska, Sveta Nedilja and others, are all looking up towards Stari Grad and in particular toward the city of Hvar, which at same time belong among the oldest settlements of Dalmatia and of whole Croatia.

City of Hvar got leading position of the whole island perhaps due to its geographic location, and with the time became its cultural center as well. It has spread its influence to Island of Vis, due to shortest distance that connects them both.

The strategic and transient maritime coastal sea links of this region may be found here, where passing by boats by time find a shelter in need from a rampant sea. If the small islets (Paklinski Otoci) offer this by some magic, we may never know, but we know for sure they are standing there to protect the Hvar port.

And so it happens – travelers get stuck in port of Hvar and discover here touristic attractions the locals were even not aware of. The imported sense for spa, health tourism and entertainment activities got developed into plenty-fool contents thanks to them.

The busy city events lie at the foot of the city’s fortress, which looking down supervises everything and makes everyone feel secure. Those who dont believe it, can climb up and look after.

The cathedral, the Theater, and many amenities, restaurants, Hotels, shops… etc. make traveler feel like in a Million-city… Believable or not? – look by your self…

Croatiahospitality site has placed in each of depicted Dalmatian towns few boarding houses or other type of accommodations and some of restaurants.


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