City of Dubrovnik has become Croatia’s top touristic highlight. This charming city of recent world fame and of celebrities, has had yet a long history of isolation while boldly withstanding sieges of the foreign empires.

This city’s experience of past threats and battles for its independence might be only waggly remembered… however, after centuries it eventually is enjoying the blessings of a free city of today.

Its citizen practiced opposite of expected war games… they kept trading, kept focusing on culture, and kept building and forming a city the Mediterranean is proud of.

What in the past was difficult to enjoy it became normal nowadays – to enjoy the landscape beyond the city wall and to explore and have pleasure in its beauty… the neighboring islands and bays are splendid places for daily outing.

Croatiahospitality site has dedicated this article to the city of Dubrovnik and has placed few houses traveler might consider for their accommodation.
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