The town of Bol was known not so long ago only to few of Croatia-visitors. It than has risen in a short period of time from a sleepy and isolate located town of the island of Brač, to a famous and lively touristic attraction.

As many other dalmatian towns, Bol has two realities – a calm and lonesome one in the winter time and electrifying and exciting one in the summer time.

What is it that makes this spot so attractive? Some people say it is the uniquely shaped beach -Zlatni rat- The Golden horn, which is just a short walk apart of this town, while the other say it is the charm of the calmness this town contains in itself.

Puzzling about that, the surrounding landscape makes it rather difficult to understand the reason -why-, as it appears mostly inaccessible natural environment. And yet, it may be the very reason for its attractive uniqueness.

For windsurfer it definitely is, as its ridge and relatively high slopes give momentum to the steep breeze blowing over the bay – indeed a constant windsurfing paradise.

Down to the button line – people find here everything they need for their relaxing and exciting vacation.

Croatiahospitality site is still waiting for a feedback of some of our travel-writers to recommend some of accommodations and restaurants of this town. Till than we have placed this two guesthouses appearing as an average standard.

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