Croatia Hospitality

- a page created by natives to enhance and to give info to travelers planing to visit this tiny but great land… nested between the Alps in north, the Pannonian Plain in the east and the Adriatic Sea in the south.

This site is dedicated to Croatia, which actually is rich in diversity of landscapes (reliefs) and beautiful places, but for now only to a few (yet) of the outstanding towns on Dalmatian coast. These towns along the coast have grown from nuclei dating back to the times of Antiquity.

This distant as well as recent past obliges us to pay our respects (for) to the old masters and past generations. It is our duty, to cherish traditions and environmental practices, or at least to conserve (forward) the records of (it) them.

Thanks to the pro-culture citizens and renters network as well as to the friendly tourist boards of those towns, this site is formed to be a contribution we hope making at-least some difference to the reader.

Croatiahospitality invites those who have (some) any curious facts (curiosity) or interesting story about Croatia, to tell us a bit by placing a post on this blog.

Croatiahospitality assumes no obligations by recommending some of local Restaurants, Accommodations or other contents placed on this page – it simply has picked (up) on some of (it) them. These correspond more or less the similar types of it as in other of these dalmatian cities we depicted…
more to follow..